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أقسام المدونة

الأحد، 28 يوليو 2013

Arabian Sand

* Great Arabian Desert, and probably known to the ancient Arabs Mvazh the Sahd «, but European 

travelers took the name of the Empty Quarter 'from the mouths of Bedouins who رافقوهم in impenetrable, as well as The Modern Arab geographers called it. The reality choppy sea of ​​sand covers nearly 200,000 square miles of south and southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. We may find in poetry the old descriptions of different Mvazh or the desert, mostly approaching from the description of the Empty Quarter, but Hamdani in his book »Description of the Arabian Peninsula« provides us with verses of the shaggy pleural describes Mvazh Sahd where's intersect with descriptions of European travelers to this wilderness Waste. Shaggy says:

If Mvazh Sahd Btnofah

Teh winds do not remain guided by

Bung remains of Qtaha and have

And go from without water and Tgtda the

Country Tkhal it crow if it appears

King Aserbl in Riyat (1) and wearing

I asked while absent flags

Of Hadramout any star Ngtda

Said the galaxy or Suhaila Padilla

Then guided Bakvolhm the Balvrkd

Ntgha horrors Nbga the full of

Tznin him if there is no (2)

This became Sand Sea, in the nineteenth century, Circuit for استهوت adventure most European travelers and explorers. It says in the writings of British travelers to Oman and the Arabian Peninsula from majestic descriptions of this vast wilderness inflamed dreams adventurers to penetrate the imagination of poets and writers to sing them. In 1835, could James travelers and Alstad from the top of the Green Mountain that made this panoramic scene of the Empty Quarter:

Vast plains of quicksand baggy stretch in sight, which in the Bedouin overcome even severe barely dare to take risks. Plateau not even change the color of the plains that can happen, to break the desolate appearance and second Apt for this scene (3).

And tells Bertram Thomas for travelers and writer Premier Richard Burton said he had heard from reliable sources of his Bedouin that Khali is: the depths of appalling filled with a range large population of half-hungry, and they abound also بأودية and grooves and coral fed partly Seoul intermittent, and therefore open to the traveler adventurers ( 4).

Samuel Miles, too, during his journey from Hebrew to Dhank, in the interior of Oman, December 1885, he arrived at the sidelines of major health Hira »as he calls it, and made this scene«:

This Hera health, in the eastern border, which it now stand, stretching far to the west about 700 miles, the problem of the long largest and most جدبا the sand in the continent of Asia. In general, if her abstract from rivers, trees, mountains and human dwellings, and undiscovered not discoverable. It's free of food, water, roads, and shadows, as she storms تذروها. It is the land of tranquility, lethargy and monotony say that is unrivaled in the world (5).

As to Mr. Percy Cox in 1905 during his journey between Ibri, Nizwa, decided to explore the Empty Quarter of the town of Adam, on the borders of the sand, especially when he accepted fellow nomads to accompany him. But the publication of an article by Mr. Bacon, as Cox states, which suggests that the Empty Quarter can express balloon (6), Otnth this idea that if completed would have been, actually, the pioneer in this sand penetration. All of these challenges and obstacles mentioned by desert travelers Els ابقين a made both Bertram Thomas John Philippians Atsabakan, in breach of the Empty Quarter, but Thomas was able to score while prized traversed this desert from Salalah in southern Oman to Qatar in 1931. Was left for his rival John Philby, but crossed from north to south in 1932. As the British traveler and was able Wilfred Thesiger to penetrate the Empty Quarter twice from south to north and vice versa in the period from 1946-1948.

Europeans saddled backpacker to the Empty Quarter They wrote him stories of their adventures with the Bedouins and »or Asameem« and »Binalshibh veins« quicksand, was to echo in the literature crossed his poetry and account قصصيا and novelist. There are three traveler Britons have left us works is considered one of the finest literature trips in the world takes place in the Empty Quarter: the first book »Arabia Felix: Across the Empty Quarter in the Arabian Peninsula« to Bertram Thomas, released the first version of 1932, the second book »Empty Quarter« John Philippi, the first version was published in 1933, and the third book 'Arabian Sands' to Wilfred Thesiger, the first edition was issued in 1959. These trips, without a doubt, influenced the writers of English issued a collections of poetry and short stories and fiction, titled 'Empty Quarter' and sing it. Writer American Lao Cameron Lou Cameron issued a 1962 novel عنونها b »Empty Quarter«, poet Irish Jerry Murphy, Gerry Murphy issued in 1995 a collection of his poems chose her title »Empty Quarter« the title of a poem included in the same group, also issued Alqash American Sharon Masamar Sharon Mesmer 1999 collection of short stories titled one of her stories and is the 'Empty Quarter', and in 2000 the novelist David Alomarki issued Marion Wilkinson David Marion Wilkinson novel is also عنونها b 'Empty Quarter'. All this creative momentum on the Arab sand in English literature offset, unfortunately, drought in Arabic literature is nothing less than the same silence Empty Quarter. Perhaps I may be exaggerated in this provision, because there may be an Arab texts on the Empty Quarter, I could not be accessed, the information network is Arabic online unfortunately very poor has Khzltna in obtaining any Arabic text, if there is already text. On the contrary, the richness of English information network enabled me to hunt for a good set of texts, which I'm going to be translated now. Of course, what I'm interested in this context is a creative texts that have made the Empty Quarter, a central theme, as we shall see in the English text, not the text which referred to the Empty Quarter, from near or far. All I can refer to now in the literature three groups: the first poetry published in 1993 by Dar new title »man of the Empty Quarter« the poet Cup of Tea, which includes a provision fantastic derived Rahbi beauty and transparency of the mystery and myth »veins Binalshibh«, one of the miracles majestic Quarter Empty. The second group of short stories published in 1996 by the publication of the Arab Writers Union of the Egyptian Waqas Muhsin Khadr. The group took the title of one of her stories is 'Empty Quarter', but they were inspired by the desert Inspired technically own just hired storyteller is the reading of the writings of some British travelers like Philby and Thomas. The third group is also anecdotal issued in 1999 by Dar Al-Farabi under the title rolls of the Empty Quarter, the Emirati writer Mohammed Hassan al-Harbi, that the group did not take the Empty Quarter, only the name.

English poetic texts about the Empty Quarter, which I am presenting today to the Arab reader, of varying quality. That its importance lies in the functioning on the theme Desert: »Tits dunes«, »trades artificial«, »storks migrating«, Altnhanh and spitting behind the tents «,» Trthurat gin dry «,» locusts Mtazavrh «,» appearing convex retractable «,» jumps towards Jaradah Hbay the towards the song ',' lava corridor to caudal lights on hills', 'Temple of sand is dissipated in the neck of the hourglass',' burn the hoof and impairs the hump ',' the foul Balmagnaseyoum wells', etc.. Such exquisite poetic themes make delirious texts worth translation because it gives a significant picture of the impact of the writings of travelers to the Empty Quarter in English literature, as most of these poets, if not all of them did not see the Empty Quarter but Astelanmoh the artistically inspired by beautiful of trips literature. I will give texts arranged by date of publication, and I will give About Us margin of their respective owners.

1 - Empty Quarter

Alan Cielito (7) 1993

Meditating in the Empty Quarter:

Temple of sand is dissipated in the neck of the hourglass. Features on the camel loads

Flying to Amman or Muscat

Markatura invisible beam

Sears hoof and impairs hump.

Fascinated by the Empty Quarter, travels Bakafelth the المكومة

Across the floor seemed courses Ktjaaid

The land does not have a stable, and golden sand grains

Uphill كثبانا still gray trees along the volcanic

The foul smell of magnesium wells

Drink them snakes and camels.

Coming bells, ornaments, silk, guns,

Knives, Moccasins, scattered all

Money needed him - camel meat

Carrion eaters, everything

Except its own body towels.

Naked and crazy hugs

Tree rooted in the world's largest wilderness

Clutching dew from God Hour foll s

Lapsed during the wet rot,

The only taste tree shade

No one can be interrupted or he taketh away

Even travels - days - in the White اشتعاله.

Abandons the Empty Quarter

Back then struggled to terrorize the world.

2 - Empty Quarter

(To AD.)

Jerry Murphy (8) 1995

Where you are tonight

Or what you are doing

Is important.

At this moment

Tent was erected

In a cool hotel

Under a نخيلات to creak.

Nyakk has brought water, Oafatt, and rested

Next the names of Allah.


In transparent black shirt

On the sofa studded with jewels

While I am (in the body of Richard Gere) (9)


In a fit of trembling long hot.

3 - in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula

Fergus Allen (10) 1996

Residents of the current quarter

يهجعون bulk of their day and leave at night

Going out from behind the dunes Tits

To resume their conversations confidential and that its beginnings

Forgotten and insoluble - stability lies

In the remnants of the present and the future

Bones heaped on the edge of the dish of the day.

Questions about the way to the Fertile Crescent

Mixed with smiles and nonsense about camels

And traditions and loss of marks.

But it seems that orgasm burdensome come and go

Nearby toward their ends

Valsafqat artificial fills the evening

When the full moon, the great evils hyper bargains

You can see the distant reeling over the hills.

Overwhelmed immigrant Ballqalq,

We have to نتلكأ to Adltnar -

Characters and vague that almost embodied

Smiling from unheated rock shelter,

And that all they can do to colds

Some lessons in audio output or simple specifications

With Altnhanh and spitting behind the tents.

However, as far as the message appears

And be neutral tone, the other can tell jokes.

Bedouin wheat stores are everywhere

Height lines and display are food

Drifter mine

And lies beneath a Dom Bmaadadh the tree.

The dilemma is to set the rhythm stick function

To vibrations of rice, wheat, and corn.

4 - Timed revealed

Jane Drikut (11) 1999

At the last minute Empty Quarter

Stand and watch Zlna the

Tnghazl on the face of the sand clock.

We dunes, Chiltern Handrides (12),

Lilac and ash, oak and beech forest

I made all the women of your tribe.

Our room filled Kal_khasam, empty

A child with windows abroad. And broken clothes

Racing across the floor.

We are not even stars. Cover Beiteinu

Away, and in the path of the lava to caudal lights on the hill

You must re-أسفارنا again.

5 - Empty Quarter

John كانادي (13) 1999

Early in the spring - here - in the Empty Quarter

Gabriel shook his cane to appear convex

The turbulent drag. It's wasting such as camels angry

And rumble around farmers' fields.

At night, I dream of grass Mkhaddra speak.

But hours Alhger, even dry chatter Committee

Abandon valleys. Sun casting prolapse,

Although the body is the only well in this desert.

Mtdhrj due stone from the bottom

Accompanied by voice Jaradah Mtazavrh the: Set

Security for you, my darling, and the rain will walk

On tiptoes over the dry hills Aalak

As poppy Cncj himself dress

Leicester broad shoulders of the desert.

Ever-words such as smoke from the fire covered

Rising slowly to me as if to indicate

Where the survivor has finally reached the beach.

So far I have not spoken yet. Voice limp

Above obsolete bones, legs withered and brittle

Not strong enough to jump such as Jaradah Hbay the towards the song.

But I imagine what he said or what he may say

Some narrators about

Falah loved the open land

Or Caliph longing to Mostagm Sahara

Where whispering Algolam (14) like a breeze when prayer

And where poppy bright bow their heads toward its destination

Each mumbled his words for something trivial.

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